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Our history

The Bocuse Universe

The Bocuse galaxy is made up of various restaurants, brasseries, and culinary concepts.  Each of them upholds its  distinct identity while they share the same passion: the love of cooking and the product. 


In 1994, the first Bocuse Brasserie-Restaurant opened its doors in the center of Lyon. The Brasserie-Restaurant "Le Nord" marks a long lineage of thriving Bocuse Brasserie-Restaurant, recently joined by the opening of the latest Bocuse Brasserie-Restaurant, the Brasserie-Restaurant "Irma" in Annecy. Our restaurants in Lyon are to be discovered or rediscovered throughout the year and are open 365 days a year.
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Our Establishments

Discover our Chefs

Jean-Marie Le Rest

Brasserie Le Nord

Une passion plus qu'un métier.

Brice Clémenti

Brasserie Le Sud

Les deux secrets d'un succès : la qualité et la créativité

Rémi Denis

Brasserie L'Ouest

La cuisine est la base du véritable bonheur.

Mickaël Aupetit

Brasserie Irma

Le bonheur est dans la cuisine !

Jerôme Bernigaud

Brasserie des Lumières

Bien s’entourer, transmettre, pour pouvoir partager notre savoir dans les plats

Denis Bellon

Brasserie du Louvre

La cuisine, une passion

Lionel Lelarge

Brasserie L'Ouest

On doit mettre tout son cœur dans la cuisine

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help you?

How to book a table?

You can book a table directly online via this page or by contacting the establishment of your choice directly  (contact details are available on the page of each restaurant).

Since 1994, our teams have been welcoming you with a smile in our restaurants in Lyon, Annecy and Paris. 

In our Brasseries, you can choose from our selection of à la carte dishes or our daily menu starting at €28.70 during the week (starter, main course and dessert), available every day of the week, for lunch and dinner.

In our Restaurants, the menu of the day starts at 31,90€ on weekdays (starter, main course and dessert) or you can choose one of your favorite dishes from the menu.


Our brasseries in Lyon and restaurants in Lyon

Our Bocuse restaurants in Lyon welcome you all year round from Monday to Sunday, inclusive. Our brasseries in Lyon will delight your taste buds, no matter your preferences. Each brasserie in Lyon and Annecy, as well as our restaurants in Lyon, offer refined and carefully crafted cuisine.

Are you looking to book a restaurant in Lyon ? Reserve your restaurant in Lyon directly through our dedicated page.

Also, discover our private lounges for a lunch or dinner in complete privacy, and consider our Houses for your group dining experiences.