Nos Maisons à Lyon, Annecy et Paris

Maisons Bocuse are 7 Brasseries in Lyon, Paris and Annecy as well as 2 Restaurants in Lyon. 

According to your wishes or the occasion for which you intend to visit our establishments, each of them offers a different atmosphere and cuisine. 

All of our restaurants are open on Mondays, Sundays, public holidays and throughout the month of August. All year round, our staff will welcome you with a smile.


Our restaurants open on Mondays and Sundays

Enjoy a traditional cuisine from Lyon at the Brasserie Le Nord near the Cordeliers in the Presqu’Île or choose the Marguerite restaurant in Lyon 8 which will charm you with its large bourgeois house dating from the 1900s.

The Brasserie Le Sud, our restaurant in Bellecour, will welcome you to experience a sunny escapade around its famous poultry Tajine. 

Looking for a warm, family and energetic atmosphere of a real brasserie? Head over to Brasserie L’Ouest and get caught up in the constant back-and-forth of service with an unprecedented view of the large open kitchen filled with white chef’s hats. 

Do you like the brasserie spirit? You won’t be disappointed if you book a table at Brasserie L’Est, our restaurant in Lyon 6, which offers you its classic Bresse chicken along with its homemade purée. 

For a business lunch in an original restaurant in Lyon, choose the Brasserie des Lumières located at the big stadium in Lyon, the Groupama Stadium. Our stadium brasserie is also open in  the evenings of games and events such as concert. Come and support your favorite soccer team, Olympique Lyonnais, and enjoy a meal before, during or after the event. 

At the Fond Rose Restaurant, you will be dazzeled by the atmosphere of this old house in a green setting where you can taste the specialties of the restaurant: beef Rossini, roasted cod and chicken with morels. 

Are you visiting Annecy or Paris? Discover Brasserie Irma by the Lake of Annecy or the Brasserie du Louvre, a restaurant in Paris 1, located in front of the Palais Royal.


Opening of our Restaurants in Lyon, Annecy and Paris


A gourmet desire on Mondays? All our restaurants in Lyon are open on Mondays, for lunch and dinner, just like our Brasserie in Annecy and Paris. 

All our restaurants are also open on Sundays for lunch and dinner in Lyon, Annecy and Paris. Sundays are perfect to spend great time with family and friends. Benefit from idyllic places to share a moment out of time during the Sunday lunch. 

On Sundays, our Chefs offer  a special menus of the day, from 34,70€ in our Brasseries and from 35,90€ in the Restaurant Marguerite and the Restaurant Fond Rose. 

Our restaurants are open in August in Lyon, Paris and Annecy. Enjoy our sunny terraces at the Brasserie L’Ouest, the Restaurant Fond Rose or the Brasserie L’Est. On hot days, our Restaurants & Brasseries are fully air-conditioned.

Without further delay, make your reservation for our restaurants in Lyon, Paris or Annecy.

Our establishements